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We Run Barcelona

23 October 2013

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The Kneepflexx Muscle Activator a product from Pflexx Sports based in the UK, being a revolutionary innovation in products designed and developed to exercise, to help us improve our athletic performance. Just tell us how it is not a common knee, but a muscle activator. Using KNEEPFLEXX maximizes recovery. Its resistance technology ensures that we are always driving force necessary in areas around the knee muscle with up to 30% more muscle activation during walking and 400% for the race.
The main benefits are to encourage blood to flow better and help the spread of lymphatic fluid to substantially reduce recovery times, improve fitness levels and build muscle stability.
They are designed to optimize the body with natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber sections that fit perfectly in every situation interacting with body temperature changes facilitating the conservation of energy levels, in short, better thermal control.
It is characterized by mechanical strength attached to both sides of the knee designed to strengthen the muscles around the joint when the leg moves, as we can see in the picture.

They basically consist of three parts:
• Bio-mechanical Pflexx Resistance: It has a dynamic resistance which means that the knee adapts depending on the force is made and knee position.
• Kinetic Pflexx Kompression Textile: The fabric is understanding and serves to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. Help recovery issues, gives greater stability to the knee, etc..
• Advansa ThermoCool: Optimizes the body's thermoregulatory properties. It keeps you cool when it's hot and keeps you warm when it's cold.
The proof:
The first point, and most important, is its placement, a quick way would be starting from the center of the knee the Kneepflexx will be placed 15 inches downwards and 15 inches upwards as the image shows:
The first few times you'll notice that it costs a little proper placement as being a product with activators compression (plates) make the process more complicated on a knee joint.
The feeling that gives us something strange at first as we noticed that the leg movement ceases to be free, to become continuous resistance, clearly improving stride while running, realizing after a few meters it really helps refine our technique, apart from feeling much more comfortable.
Before use the Kneepflexx in the race we got used to them with a gentle rhythm workouts, as I mentioned earlier are very comfortable once you have done a few meters. To give you an idea it is like "learn to run" again, with a leg that moves differently and requires us to place ourselves in a certain way. Soon after we increased gait and knee 10k noticed much more rested thanks to the plates and the perfect fit.
One thing to keep in mind is that thanks to its lightweight and aerodynamic design allows even be worn under clothing with ease.
But .... When should I use the Kneepflexx?
They can be used at any time of day, either while performing physical activities or while we walk. Also be used during rehabilitation after an injury, or simply for those who try to improve or enhance our athletic performance.
• R1 Light: Designed for children.
• R2 Medium: Designed for general sports and fitness.
• R3 Dura: Designed for elite athletes.
• R4 Extra Hard: Designed for athletes who work in areas of very high performance.
In summary:
After a few days, and many miles of testing we concluded that Pflexx Sports are designed for people who need a way to exercise the muscles adjacent structures and to rehabilitate the knee or to increase its performance. Helping to strengthen the knee, regaining strength after an injury and minimize recovery time and improve results in our training.
Undoubtedly, it is a good alternative to prevent impact exercises and avoid worsening in case of injury.
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