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The Technology

PFLEXX ® Knee Exerciser ™incorporating:

  • PFLEXX® Bio-Mechanical Resistance Technology™

  • PFLEXX® Kinetic Kompression™ Textile Manufacturing

  • Thermo?Cool® with Duoregulation™ Fibre Technology

PFLEXX® have developed a major breakthrough in the global physiotherapy and sports performance market. By bringing together the muscle building power of the PFLEXX® Bio-Mechanical Resistance Technology with the performance of the PFLEXX® Kinetic Kompression™ Textile Technology and the thermo regulating  intelligence of the Thermo?Cool® with Duoregulation™ Fibre Technology the resulting combination has reached the pinnacle in Performance Exercise Products.

PFLEXX® Bio-Mechanical Resistance Technology™

PFLEXX® have developed a unique bio-mechanical resistance mechanism designed to stimulate increases in muscle activation in areas around the major joints of the body. University tested the mechanisms when integrated into the PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser generate increases in muscle activation of up to 30% when walking and 400% when running. The active resistance of the innovatively designed mechanisms is based on the high performance superior properties of the specially selected co-polymer with increased memory retention designed to produce varying degrees of exercise resistance with total flexibility and integrity.

PFLEXX® Kinetic Kompression™

The primary benefits of the PFLEXX Kinetic Kompression™ textile sleeves are to stimulate blood flow and assist lymphatic fluid dispersion throughout muscular regimes to substantially reduce recovery times, improve fitness levels and generate muscle stability.

The PFLEXX Kinetic Kompression™ is unlike conventional "compression styled" under garments in that it limits overstretching of the muscles whilst allowing free range of movement. The integral bio-mechanical structural combination within the balance of the fabric provides a physical exercise resistance producing incremental increase in muscle activation. The construction of the fabric provides inherent strength to support muscles in action and encourage correct alignment of joints.

Thermo Cool® with Duoregulation™

The Duoregulation™ fibre technology of ADVANSA Thermo Cool® is designed to optimise the body's natural thermal capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections which adapt to the wearers condition as the fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes facilitating the conservation of energy levels with substantial advances in thermal control.

"Feeling too HOT" – As the body temperature rises ADVANSA ThermoCool® evaporates moisture faster than other materials which is attributed to the unique smart fibre combination. The fibre structure is designed to provide increased evaporation properties with exceptional moisture transportation and enhanced air circulation concentrating energy into the critical evaporation process.

"Feeling too COLD" – As the body temperature decreases the ADVANSA Thermo?Cool® smart fibre combination provides a light weight material with thermo-buffering properties designed to protect against the impact of significant variations in temperature. The overall result is to negate the effects of post exercise chilling at the same time facilitating the dissipation of excess bodily heat. Duoregulation™ fibre technology is designed to effectively maintain the body in its "Comfort Zone" across the varying changes in temperature associated with high and low levels of hi-performance sporting activity.