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The Benefits

Pioneering Technology

The Pflexx concept is completely unique. Until now, you only had devices to support or protect an injury. But now you can actively strengthen and reinforce muscles with Pflexx. Every time you use it you will become much fitter, much faster.

Suitable for All

It doesn't matter who you are, Pflexx will enhance your exercise. Adding Pflexx to your physical programme boosts results and is even suitable pre- and post-operation following advice from your Doctor/Physiotherapist. The real beauty of Pflexx is that it's adaptable and works at your pace. The harder you work, the harder Pflexx works. Set new targets as your fitness grows and Pflexx will keep challenging you to exceed expectations.

Scientifically Proven

The patented technology behind Pflexx coped with intense analysis and testing at every stage of development. Some of the UK's leading bio-mechanical engineers, sports scientists and academics studied the resistance technology, as well as trialling it with elite athletes. The results were conclusive: the Knee Pflexx boosts muscle activation by up to 30% when walking, and up to 400% when running.

Get Fitter Faster

What are your fitness targets? Whatever they are, Pflexx lets you reach them faster. You'll always be strengthening and no effort is wasted. Every step counts and builds strong joints and muscles to aid recovery and help prevent future injury.

Discreet Enough for Every Day

You can wear Pflexx during training or any exercise. The lightweight and streamline design even lets you wear it under clothing at home, work or out-and-about.

Easy Storage

Comes in a Specially designed Strong Compact Tube Pack for easy storage in your Kit or Travel Bag

So remember, whether you want rapid recovery from injury, boosted performance or just fitness for life, you'll get fitter with every Pflexx.