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The Compression KNEE SUPPORT Trainer has PFLEXX Power Springs providing CROSS FIT Resistance Training Action. The Power Springs are fitted either side of the knee joint and work naturally against physical movement to strengthen the knee joint and build muscle in the quad, hamstring, calf and glutes.

The high compression knee sleeve is made from Advansa Thermo°Cool® textile which keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot.
The level of compression helps keep the blood flowing and disperses lactic acid, speeding up recovery time reducing tiredness.

A product that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, used in training programmes to strengthen target muscle groups around the joint, and/or to complement physiotherapy programmes. The KNEE SUPPORT Trainer can be worn anytime: during day-to-day activities or when exercising.

It can be used to:

Strengthen the knee joint prior to surgery.
Help rebuild muscle strength after surgery.
Boost power and strength for sports performance.
Help people suffering from arthritis.

The KNEE SUPPORT Trainer minimises recovery time and maximises training results meaning you can get back to a fitter lifestyle faster. It is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance but limit recovery times. The PFLEXX Power Springs come in various resistance levels making it is suitable for all.

The Compression KNEE SUPPORT Trainer is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for physiotherapy exercise, general fitness and sports performance.


"Excellent product."

"The Knee Pflexx is amazing "


I've been using the Knee Pflexx when cycling, using cross-trainers, and step machines. I've only just gone back to those following my operation and I have to say the Knee Pflexx has been amazing. Not only is it supportive, but my knee and injured leg in general feel a lot stronger during and after my workout. I genuinely feel mt muscles are working that little bit harder with it on, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Best of all, it's extremely comfortable and I hardly notice I'm wearing it - which says a lot considering I train in a sweltering gym! I'm currently recommending the product to everyone! Will be sure to thank you again once I'm back on the pitch!


" I suffered a knee injury in September 2012, I had torn my ACL , damaged my meniscus and MCL. The injury happened during a contest in Bristol which I was competing in, I had been trying a trick called a "nollie cab" it involved a 360 degress spin from a height.  I landed on my board wrong and seriously injured my knee, leaving me unable to skate for the foreseeable future.  After having surgery I was contacted by the guys at Pflexx and we spoke about their product.  A few days later the Knee Pflexx arrived.  I've since been doing my knee physio and riding my bike to rebuild the muscles and I've noticed that the rate at which muscle strength and tone returns is astounding.  It's reduced my recovery time dramatically and I am now able to start pushing on my skateboard 3 months before I had planned.  The muscle activator not only offers a speedy recovery, it also offers me the peace of mind that every movement I make put me closer towards the end goal. Without the help of the Knee Pflexx recovery time would be at least double for me. It's worth it's weight in gold! "

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