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Pflexx Secure Investment from Invest NI

01 October 2012

Pflexx Celebrate Invest NI Investment

Pflexx Sports in Warrenpoint has recently launched its innovative sports performance product to market following a £100,000 investment in research and development supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

The company was set up last year to design and manufacture physiotherapy exercise and sports performance products. Its highly innovative product, Knee Pflexx, uses patented bio-mechanical muscle activation technology and is targeted at sporting professionals across the UK, Europe and in the longer term will be marketed to potential customers in the US.

Invest NI has offered Pflexx over £49,000 of support part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Mark Bleakney, Manager of Invest NI’s Southern Regional Office, said: “The sports injury sector is a high value sector with millions of pounds spent annually on treating muscle injuries in the UK. Pflexx has identified a niche in the global sports and active leisure markets for a collection of personal exercise products which focus on rehabilitation, reconditioning and strengthening of muscles.

“This new business has the potential to generate significant export sales with its highly innovative product. Pflexx will be focusing on implementing sales and marketing activities over the coming months and also plans to establish a network of distribution channels to help build a presence among its target audience.”

Les Pape, Managing Director of Pflexx, said: “Invest NI’s support has helped us to fast track the development of our product to market and we now aim to capitalise on the global demand for physiotherapy, sports injury and performance enhancement products. This investment is a vital element in achieving our longer term goal which is to establish a global brand of personal exercise products and become the leader in bio-mechanical muscle activation products for all joint areas of the body. Our new technology is designed to improve the overall performance of physiotherapy rehabilitation and recovery from injury and muscle wastage in everyday sports and leisure activities.

Knee Pflexx is the first in a range of muscle activation products which are not only revolutionary in themselves but also incorporate ADVANSA ThermoCool® performance fabric which has been designed specifically for the sports industry. Intensive and extensive research and analysis has shown that Knee Pflexx will dramatically increase the activity of under developed muscles around the knee”

* This article originally appeared on the Invest NI website - *