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New Pflexxi range is available

06 January 2016

Pflexxi Knee Wrap for knee problems

The PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser is new to the PFLEXX range.  The only resistance trainer for the Knee. The Pflexxi system works by incorporating patented spring resistance technology fitted either side of the Knee which work naturally against physical movement.

At last, a product that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, or used in training programmes to strengthen the target muscle groups around the knee joint or to complement the physiotherapists’ programme.

The PFLEXXI can be worn anytime in normal day to day activities or when exercising. It has a sporty wrap around design which is easy to fit around the Knee and one size fits most.  You choose your resistance and personalise your rehabilitation and training.  

The Pflexxi system comes with 3 sets of spring resistances. Each spring resistance equates to a load around the knee. A white 3.5kg resistance is fitted in the PFLEXXI and you can interchange to 5kg Yellow spring set and 7.5 kg Black.