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After 13 years and numerous knee operations, I have lost considerable muscle mass around my knee. The Pflexx Knee Exerciser is a revelation, working my knee to improve muscle mass and stability. Although not officially a support, an added bonus is that I also feel more confident wearing the brace. Huge thanks to John, who has been fantastic answering all my questions and his customer service second to none. Here's to a bright & more active future for me (my husband also has one which he uses for skiing).

Lindsey Mc Manus

I came across Pflexx Sports by accident on Twitter but the products interested me right away. From the minute I made contact until I received my Pflexx Knee Exercisers I can honestly say the customer service was 1st class, from talking to Nicola on Twitter, one of the guys in Warrenpoint, apologies for not getting your name, to John at head office, to the follow up with Tricia I couldn’t have asked for an easier experience. As for the Pflexx Knee Exercisers themselves, 1st class!! I got the Pflexx Knee Exerciser for my father, 69 year old bus driver with what we have since found out is cartilage damage in the knee, and from the minute he put it on he felt instant relief due to the tight support it gives him. I got and Pflexxi Elbow support for myself and after using various supports for a while I can honestly say this is the best. I was able to train with ease compared to usual and I can train pain free. Get in touch with Pflexx and purchase their products, you wont be disappointed.

Martin Preshur- Ireland

Absolutely miraculous product. My husband had a knee injury and couldnt put any weight on it! Within a few days of wearing the Pflexx Knee Exerciser he was back to work with full knee movement.The doctor couldnt believe the recovery in such a short period of time!

Imelda McCoy- Ireland

I was delighted to be able to use the Pflexx Knee Exerciser both for my prehab in preparation for my knee replacement surgery and for my post-surgery rehab. The use of the Pflexx Knee Exerciser for prehab ensured that my leg muscles remained strong in the build up to the surgery. Consequently when I began my rehab post-surgery my leg muscles had not deteriorated too much. This was all thanks to the hard work I put in on the bike using the Pflexx Knee Exerciser. As soon as I was allowed to begin exercising efficiently and effectively on the bike post-surgery, I began using the Pflexx Knee Exerciser again. This allowed me to further strengthen my leg muscles and allow me to fully recover from total knee replacement. I was back playing golf 4 months post-surgery, able to cycle 20 km comfortably and carry out medium intensity rowing sessions in the gym. I am happy to say that I am 6 months post-surgery and have had a 100% successful surgery. This was largely helped by the opportunity I was given to use the Pflexx Knee Exerciser. I would highly recommend it.

Eimear Cregan - Captain of the Irish Senior Ladies Hockey team

I badly dislocated my knee during a hurling game which required the use of crutches, a full leg cast to be worn for 6 weeks and eventually surgery. After the cast was removed there was a lot of muscle wastage around my quad, hamstring and calf muscles. This meant that I had to work very hard during my rehab to gain and build back the muscle that had faded away. I used the Pflexx Knee Exerciser to aid my recovery as it helped to support all the muscles in and around my knee and allowed them to become much stronger in a short period of time. Using the Pflexx Knee Exerciser also gave put my mind at ease as I knew I had a top quality product supporting my knee. I wore the Pflexx Knee Exerciser daily when at work, on the bike, or even just walking about at home. It is very comfortable and the non-sweat material meant that it could be used over and over again. I highly recommend this product to any person who has had suffered knee damaged and wish to continue to exercise or play sport at a high level. Arron Graffin

Arron Graffin - All Ireland Hurling Champion 2015

I have skied professionally and cycled for fitness for many years and 18 months ago I had a problem with my left knee which after scans revealed that my cartilage had worn away. Inevitable I guess! My consultant advice was “nothing can be done about it, just manage the pain and discomfort with rest and painkillers” I set about researching treatments etc and having spoken to various physios, therapists and osteopaths I came to the conclusion that the most likely cause of the problem was an imbalance in the strength of my leg muscles, notably my VMO muscle ( the inner thigh muscle). I therefore set about devising an exercise programme to strengthen my VMO. In the meantime whilst reading a EasyJet magazine I saw the Pflexx Knee Exerciser advertised and decided to buy one. After 3 months of leg exercise wearing the Pflexx Knee Exerciser the pain and discomfort had virtually disappeared. Nine months on I still use it and I am currently in the middle of a ski season, skiing 5 days a week without any problem with my knee. I can highly recommend PflexxSports and the Pflexx Knee Exerciser as a worthwhile aid to building up leg muscles. Best wishes, Richard Jones.

Richard Jones - Professional Skier

After a whole year with a sharp pain in my knee for a lateral ligament I was so stressed out I thought I could never ski again. Despite my age (67 years) due to Pflexx Knee Exerciser, today I got a great skiing and all pain had miraculously disappeared. Really anyone with a problem of ligaments can use it! No doctor recommended it to me, but I purchased it only because I had seen the advertising in a magazine. This is a very great product and would highly recommend it.

Paola Vidulli - Italy

The Pflexx knee exerciser I bought one month ago has had a dramatic impact upon my recovery. I am very impressed with the entry level exerciser (R2) and fully intend to take up the next stage (R3 or R4) in good time. I have used the knee exerciser to increase my recovery from double surgery to a knee injury and since wearing it the exerciser has had a tremendous impact on developing strength around my knee cap, quads and hamstring. Since wearing the knee exerciser I have made notable progress in my walking (and can now climb stairs with normal gait), I can use cross trainers in the gym and have even abandoned my walking stick due to the increased strength around my knee. This knee exerciser has significantly improved the strength of my leg and has made me believe that after 22 months of recovery that the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. I have been so impressed with the exerciser that I have now cancelled all further physio therapy sessions with my local service! Many thanks pflexx - finding you greatly improved my recovery! No exaggeration!!!

Steve - UK - Double knee sugery

Les, thanks a million for the Pflexx Knee Exerciser. Six weeks ago i was in a bad way barely able to walk..... The Pflexx arrived and you saved my leg..... I could literally run a marathon now. What a result, I owe you one! Have a great New Year and continued success with an incredible ingenious product. (January 2016)

Charles Maye - Ireland

As a sufferer from a chronic illness known as Ehler-Danlos syndrome I am prone to allot of dislocations and early this year I blew my meniscus. I was using the Pflexx Knee Exerciser everyday as part of my physiotherapy while I was waiting for my MRI scan appointment, which took 3 months. I have recently received my scan results and was glad to be told that I no longer need the operation and that the Pflexx Knee Exerciser had helped me enough to build the strength around the knee and to carry on with physiotherapy. I have recommended the Pflexx to all the physiotherapist, doctors and members of the EDS community as well as friends I know who have knee problems.

Marty Thacker, EDS sufferer, England

I would like to advise that using the Pflexx knee exerciser has changed my weekends, I can now play Golf without pain, have used several other products previously which come no where near yours. They are comfortable, you dont sweat underneath which every other one has shortly after putting them on and post Golf I have full mobility in my knees.

Mark Still - South Africa

I am using your Pflexx knee exerciser and i am really much, much better, of my knees. I recomend its use to all my friends with pains in the knees. Thank you for your atention.

Helder Marques - Portugal

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser was exactly what I was looking for, something you wear while doing exercise. The muscles and ligaments around the knee need to be strengthened to help support the knee and knee supports do NOT do this. Well done to the team for developing this product, I will let everyone I know who has problems with their knees know about the Pflexx Knee Exerciser.

David Brunskill, Canada

I saw the ad for Pflexx on a Ryanair magazine. Having had a slight tear in a meniscus and lost 2/3rds of my calf muscle due to a ski injury, I thought the Pflexx concept would be worth trying to build up muscle. I bought two and used them to prepare for skiing at the end of 2013. They were so good that I even wore them from time to time skiing to add stability in icy and hard conditions. A year on I have just completed three months skiing every day and worn the Pflexx knee exercisers both in preparation and on the pistes. They are simply fantastic for stabilising the knees and building strength, not to mention preventing knee strain/wear after such intense exercise. They even seem to help absorb vibration and impact on lumpy icy snow. This is particularly good being the wrong side of 50 and not being a professional athlete! I shall never go skiing again without Pflexx. Ever. Really. Thanks John too for fantastic customer service.

Sarah, UK - Torn Meniscus due to ski injury

I’m Male, aged 68. I have always kept fit running, working out and Pilates. My right knee has been hurting on and off for many years. Early 2014 it became impossible for me to run or walk without significant pain including most nights stopping me from sleeping properly. I went to specialists, had X-rays, MRIs etc. to find the problem and hopefully a solution. The solution was a complete knee replacement. I scheduled surgery for Jan 2015 and continued to try and strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee in the gym and on holiday in the sea running in water below my chest, with some success, but as soon as winter came around it was back to pain. I had read a lot about knee replacement surgery and decided to struggle on with my work in the gym and started doing my cardio workout on a bicycle which was not too painful. I read about the Pflexx Knee Exerciser in an airline magazine and decided what did I have to lose! As soon as it arrived I put it on and after a day my knee pain had lessened considerably, your product is simply brilliant, it has done exactly what the advert said it would, strengthen the muscles and cut the pain down considerably, it's gone in a lot of ways. I can sleep at night!!. Thank you it is so good I am now going to purchase another two, one with a heavier spring for my bad knee and one for the other knee to strengthen it as it's the same age as my bad knee! Thank you again.

Chris Thompson - Leuven Belgium – Knee Replacement needed

I have been using my Pflexx Knee Exercisers on both knees for a year now and definitely feel that my knees are better for it. I broke my leg, had 2 ACL replacements and numerous arthroscopies. I am trying to delay a knee replacement as long as possible since I am “only” 63. I use it for skiing, Zumba, walking and biking so both Pflexx Knee Exercisers get lots of use. On the odd occasion when I forget to wear them I can feel the difference whether it’s in my knee or my head, or both. I’m much more secure and stable with them. A worthwhile purchase which does what it says!

Susan Pobjoy - France, Broken Leg & ACL Replacements

My right knee is badly injured, total rupture of anterior cruciate ligament, extensive and complex tear of the body and posterior horn of medial meniscus and a partial tear of medial collateral ligament. In March my knee had swollen and I was not able to walk for 3 days, then I was limping for about 2 weeks as I was not able to fully flex or extend my leg. All my muscle in the right leg disappeared very quickly which was a bit scary!!! I am trying to avoid surgery so to strengthen the muscle around my knee I started to use machines in the gym which I hate!!! And then just by chance I found out about the Pflexx Knee Exerciser. I saw an advert on the Ryanair magazine opened the page and there it was and I thought that it was worth to try, I was right. I start to wear the Pflexx Knee Exerciser in work. First of all the Pflexx Knee Exerciser is different than any other support as is very light and comfortable to wear even for long hours. At this stage is just part of me and I forget that I am wearing it. That did not happen with other supports and I have a collection of them by now!!! I feel total freedom of movement. I feel the support so it makes me feel confident when I have to run on stairs or make movement of the knee that I would not dare to do without support. Same happens when I practise my yoga where I really need that freedom of movement. I can see and feel the muscle around my knee growing stronger and my knee is now pretty stable even without support and my flexion and extension are back to normal. I would not have achieved something like that in such a short time just with the machines in the gym. So thank you very much Pflexx!!! Really a great product.

Alessandra Rossin , Italy – Rupture of anterior cruciate ligament

My Background-following tendon graft surgery to my right ankle due to trauma, I developed a lot of knee pain. Physiotherapy had no effect and xrays did not reveal any pathology in the knee. I regularly lift weights and am considered very strong. I purchased the Pflexx Knee Exerciser and after a short period of wearing the product in gym workouts only, the knee pain has vanished. There is a perceptible strengthening effect in the knees. I am suddenly able to do pistols [one legged squats] without any problem. An excellent product. Robyn Bunting

Robyn Bunting - Czech Republic - Knee Pain following surgery

Hello Les, Just an update on how I'm getting on with the Pflexx knee exerciser! It's great, a very good fit and comfortable to wear, I forget it's there when I'm running. My knee ITBand is improving! And running with the Knee Pflexx on means I'm running pain free and continue to be pain free after training. So all in all it's doing a great job! Thanks, AnnMarie

AnnMarie Harvie - UK - Runner with IT Band Syndrome

After having a potentially career ending injury in January and moving slowly through the recovery process. Pflexx Sports was contacted and a discussion of what their product could do was held. It arrived within a couple of days and I couldn't wait to try it out. I began wearing it around the house and before the end of the week I was wearing it during my rehab at the club in both weights and running sessions! I couldn't believe not only the support it gave me but the effect it had on accelerating my rehab in general! The muscles around my knee began to fire correctly and I gained strength back that I couldn't in the gym! A massive Thankyou to the team at Pflexx for creating such a revolutionary product! It's made such a difference to me and I will definitely be recommending it to all the boys!

James Sandford, Professional Rugby Union Player for London Welsh

I bought 2 Pflexx knee exercisers about 3 months ago, they take a little bit of getting use to when you try them on first, but once you have mastered the skill of fitting them properly before you start any sort of exercise they are quite simply brilliant. I am really impressed with the all round support they give and the boost in confidence which returns. Many thanks, Mike Warwick

Mike Warwick - UK

The Pflexx Knee Exerciser is really easy to use you just slide it on. Following my knee operation I was lacking confidence and my knee felt unstable but using the PFlexx Knee Exerciser not only felt like it provided support. But also the slight feeling of resistance makes you understand that it's working your knee whilst you carry out everyday activities. My knee feels strong now and I was back playing rugby again within 5 weeks of my meniscus operation.

Craig Dowsett, Professional Rugby Union Player - Rotherham Titans

Until last week I have had some apprehension about attending exhibitions and standing, walking all day, especially on a concrete or hard surfaces. I was very intrigued when I saw Les, Tricia and the PFLEXX team at Soccerex in Manchester, September 8-10th. I explained to them, that as a former Ice Hockey player of some 25 years plus, baseball, rugby, soccer player, snowboarder and victim of a car accident, in which I had soft tissue damage at the age of 16, my knees had been through the ringer - 3 operations, Cortisone Injections and several episodes of serious knee seize ups arthritis, I have been trying to avoid the knife and en route to new knee replacement for a long time. I am just 50 years old. I love to cycle, snowboard and recently began to play cricket, yes even Canadians can try to play the English game! Les suggested I wear the PFLEXX Knee Exerciser on my worst knee, (left) XL size, with resistance level 3; I wore it the entire day, and very quickly afterward, I noticed a marked improvement. I went outside the building to find some stairs, I avoid when I can, as the creaks in my joints are pretty loud, worse towards end of day. I wore PFLEXX for a couple of days, after a few hours I forgot I was wearing it and now I am a 100% convert. I will wear it on both my knees and I feel very certain, that for some time to come I will be able to avoid surgery and reduce the need to take Arthrotec tablets on those occasions when the knees will just not bend. It has given me back the will to be mobile again, and hence get back in sporting shape for the cricket season next year and for my 7 and 3 year old boys! BIG THANK YOU, great product from a personable and knowledgeable team, I feel confident that once again I can begin to get back in shape.

Paul Thornhill, Global Sales Manager - PanStadia Arena Management

I am the father of a son who has played football competitively since the age of 8. Aaron is now 23 and is currently a semi professional with Glentoran FC in the Irish league (N.Ireland). As a parent I have enjoyed many highs as Aaron has had a fair degree of success, achieving various honours along the way. One of which was to represent his country at under 16 and under 17 level and another was to win the player of the Tournament at the 2006 International Milk Cup. Unfortunately, there have also been numerous setbacks in the shape of injury which some may say is part and parcel of any contact sport. Aaron, I feel has had more than his fair share which I believe has to some degree restricted his progress. An example of this was having to cancel a series of trials in England with Stoke City FC and returning home early from Derby County due to injury. Aaron received various forms of physiotherapy over periods of time but unfortunately similar injuries reoccurred particularly relating to his hamstrings. Just this year Aaron was introduced to Pflexx Knee Exerciser which has proved to be of real benefit to him in terms of strengthening the leg muscles and assisting him to remain injury free. As I reflect on this recent development I am drawn to conclude that had Pflexx Knee Exerciser been available in those early years of Aaron's development then the situation may have been more positive. The time spent on the treatment table may have been replaced with time on the pitch and training ground to further developing his potential. As a parent I have no hesitation in recommending Pflexx as it has been the most significant aid to preventing injury that Aaron has experienced as he continues to incorporate Pflexx into his daily training programme. Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd - Father of Aaron Boyd - Glentoran FC

My name is Aaron Cunningham, I play Gaelic Football for Crossmaglen Rangers. I injured my knee during the Ulster Club GAA Championship 2012, and had an operation on an ongoing meniscus problem in early December. I was expected to be out of action for 10 weeks, effectively ruling me out of the All-Ireland Semi-Final in February 2013. However, once I could bear weight on my operated knee, I began to wear the Pflexx Knee Exerciser during the early stages of my rehabilitation. I couldn’t believe how quickly I started to improve and by the 3rd week of rehab, I was able to run at full pace with no discomfort. As a result of wearing this product, my knee got stronger a lot quicker than anyone anticipated and I was able to take part in the Semi-Final in February. I still use the Pflexx Knee Exerciser as a training aid, to strengthen my knees further and would recommend this product to anyone who has had knee trouble in the past, or those who would like to strengthen their knees. Aaron Cunningham – Crossmaglen Rangers GAA Footballer 5-time Ulster, 2-time All Ireland Champion.

Aaron Cunningham, Gaelic Footballer - Crossmaglen Rangers

Hi, I recently purchased two Pflexx knee exercisers from you and have used them as support when working out in the gym and have also used them for long periods while ski-ing. I am very happy with the results, particularly with the peace of mind they give me when ski-ing, they are far superior to anything I have used before. Well worth the investment.

Bernie Landy, China

Having been involved with sport all of my life, mainly football now golf, as well as working for the National Coal Board for 26 years I have problems with both of my knees. Osteoarthritis has been diagnosed. It was suggested that I try out the Pflexx Knee Exerciser. I took the Pflexx on a golfing holiday and managed to play six games in the week while wearing them. At first it seemed strange having them on, but they were very comfortable. They kept me cool and the Velcro straps help greatly with fitting and keeping them in place. I also felt more confident about my golf and I found walking around the courses a lot easier than before. I have tried other products for my knees but I found these to be uncomfortable, as well as making my knees both hot and sweaty. I would recommend the Pflexx Knee Exerciser to anyone. Try them and see for yourself.

Jimmy Compton, Tyne and Wear, UK

While searching for 'something' to help my knee injury I came across the Pflexx Knee Exerciser, and I am delighted with it. I injured my medial ligament and feared my playing days as a Gaelic footballer were over. However the Pflexx Knee Exerciser changed that! With the Knee Pflexx my knee feels well supported and secure but my flexibility and agility are not hampered at all. The ultimate test had to be last weekend playing in a beach Gaelic Football tournament just outside Sydney on soft sand, however I need not have been concerned as the Pflexx was up to the challenge and my performance and confidence were as good as pre knee injury. Pflexx gave me the confidence to forget about my knee and focus on the games. Already some of my team mates here in Australia have ordered their Pflexx Knee Exerciser. I have no hesitation recommending the Pflexx knee exerciser, the quality is excellent, delivery quick and customer service is excellent, thank you Nicola Whyte! All in all I am hugely impressed.

John McClorey - Gaelic Football Player, Australia

My daughter Chloe is 12 years old and very into her sports, especially running, her knee starting giving her trouble about 1 year ago, so we made a trip to the doctor to see if anything was wrong. He could find nothing physically wrong and gave her knee exercises to do which helped a little bit but still didn't solve the problem. So when I saw Pflexx Sports Knee Exerciser on Facebook I was very interested, I contacted Tricia who explained how they work and she sent one out straight away. Chloe has been using it since and I have to say she has noticed a vast improvement in her knee, pain nearly non-existent and when she wears it while running her knee no longer gives her any problems. So big, big thank you Pflexx Sports you have made a young lady very happy indeed.

Chloe McLoughlin - Warrenpoint, Co Down

“I have played sports my whole life. My parents always encourage me to try everything, so I did it and ended up choosing Basketball, where I got professional at age 12 playing in categories from Under 13 all the way up to seniors, in Brazil and USA, training 8 hours a day, every day for 10 years. During that time I got Tendinitis, problems on Meniscus, Cartilages and Ligaments on both of my knees, and also had a car accident which made it all worse. It got to a point which I couldn’t walk or sleep without pain. I have tried physiotherapy in several occasions during all the years I played, but didn’t feel any improvement. So I went to China to try the Chinese Medicine and also training Kung Fu, my dream martial art. My knees were so sensitive I went back to Brazil, and the three doctors I went to said I had to do three surgeries on each knee, with a total of two years recovery. As soon as I told my future husband, Jens Stene from Norway, about the surgeries and the recovery time, he got in contact with Pieter Hulleman, who introduced us the Knee Pflexx. The next day he sent it to me in Brazil. I tried it on and started walking with it right away, I felt safer, confident and a little sore on the end of the day. I used it all day, every day and in a few weeks I felt the results. I was not crying in pain to go up and down stairs anymore, and I was able to sleep a whole night without been awaked by the pain on my knees. Now after about 4 months I am able to do, in moderation, all the sports and arts I love the most, Street Basketball, Kung Fu, Parkour and Skateboarding. Thank you so much for everybody involved, in anyway, on the process from creation to market of this amazing product that Knee Pflexx is. Without a question in my mind I recommend Knee Pflexx from Pflexx Sports to anybody with knee problems and also to anybody that only wants to train harder or even with limited time to train, just put the Knee Pflexx under the clothes and do your normal daily routine.” Júlia Silva de Moraes, 21 years old, Brazilian citizen from Brazil/ China/ Norway 4th of February, 2014

Júlia Silva de Moraes - Brazil

I'm an 18 year old student rugby player who had just broken into local town 1st xv when I suffered consecutive injuries to my knee, including my medial ligament. My Dad began researching ways to aid my recovery when he noticed Knee Pflexx's advert while in Bristol Airport. As soon as he was home he contacted Tricia, who was very attentive and willing to offer whatever help she could. We were amazed at her swift positive response in getting the Knee Plexx sent out. It took a bit of getting used to at first but has aided my recovery no end, strengthened my knee and restored my confidence as I increase my training regime. I am now ready to resume full training with my club.

Luke McKinley, Ballymoney - 16/01/2014

Having played tennis for 30 years I placed considerable strain and stress on my right knee. Eventually I went to a physiotherapist who confirmed I had Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury which is an injury to the ligament on the outer side of the knee. He recommended rest and exercise to develop the muscles supporting the knee. He emphasised that it was extremely beneficial to build the muscles around the knee. Having the Kneepflexx on my right knee for 6 weeks has had an immediate effect. I have played over 20 hours of tennis with absolutely no pain. I find the greatest benefit of the KneePflexx while I am cycling as it makes my muscle work harder. I unreservedly recommend the KneePflexx to develop and rebuild muscle regardless of a knee injury or not. (October 2013)

Eamon Crawford, Singapore

After any years of over working my knees in various physical activities, I began to accept my age was getting the better of me. My knees have seen me through my fight career in many disciplines, kickboxing, Ju Jitsu, Judo, boxing and all the additional running and weight training needed to be fight fit. I was convinced that my training and lifestyle would dramatically need to change. Then I came across the KneePflexx from Pflexx Sports, or as I call it the Miracle Knee. I’m now again an active member of the St John Bosco Boxing Club in Newry. If getting fighting fit was not enough I am also training to take part in the local marathon. I always wanted to complete a marathon however I never had the time with all my training. Then I had the time and literally not a leg to stand on! The development of this product by Les Pape has not only brought me back to my love of combative sport but is enabling me to finally accomplish the greatest challenge and ambition I ever had 26.2miles. Thank you Les and all the team at Pflexx Sports Gerard Moore, Boxer, Marathon Runner and grateful man.

Gerard Moore, St John Bosco Boxing Club

I purchased the Pflexx Muscle Activator for my 12 year old son. He had been having knee problems and we thought it would be a good idea to strengthen his knee muscles. The Pflexx worked brilliantly at supporting and helping to build up his knee muscles.

Andreas H - Germany

I've been using the Knee Pflexx when cycling, using cross-trainers and step machines. I've only just gone back to those following my operation and I have to say the Knee Pflexx has been amazing. Not only is it supportive, but my knee and injured leg in general feel a lot stronger during and after my workout. I genuinely feel my muscles are working that little bit harder with it on, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Best of all, it's extremely comfortable and I hardly notice I'm wearing it - which says a lot considering I train in a sweltering gym! I'm currently recommending the product to everyone! Will be sure to thank you again once I'm back on the pitch!

Carol Staunton - Ireland Rugby 7's Player

My name is Aaron Boyd, I am 23 years old and I currently play semi professional football for Glentoran FC in the Irish Premiership. Recently I picked up a hamstring problem which necessitated numerous hours on the treatment table receiving various methods of physiotherapy. I was introduced to the pflexx support and how this was a new innovative method of reducing injury. I was also aware that this was being tested by athletes from various sporting backgrounds. Initially, I was a bit sceptical as I could not see how a support around my knee could prevent injury. I did however decide to give it a go. As I was just recovering from injury I had to take things very slowly and initially just used pflexx during walking exercise and then progressed to a gentle jog. Eventually I commenced sprinting with Pflexx and I felt no adverse reaction. I am now fully recovered, training and playing regularly for the past two months without any injury recurrence. I have continued to utilise pflexx periodically which has provided me with greater confidence particularly during explosive sprints. I believe this confidence stems from the considerable increase in hamstring strength as a direct result of using pflexx. I now have total belief in pflexx and have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone with leg related injuries. I would encourage other sports men and women to experiment with pflexx as I am sure they will not be disappointed with the results. Regards Aaron Date 14/04/14

Aaron Boyd, Semi-Professional Soccer Player - Glentoran FC

I just a few words about my Pflexx Knee exercisers. I have been wearing them constantly for about a month now. I ordered them because I have problems with my knees playing sports, especially tennis which I play competitively. I find that the KneePflexx Knee Exercisers are comfortable to wear and give me the support I am looking for. I also find they do not restrict my movement anywhere near as much as other knee supports I have worn previously. I have had to play around with the sizes and have now settled on a large for my left knee and a medium for the right knee. This combination is ideal for me. I would like to thank Chris Pape and John Lindsay for all their help. I would certainly recommend the Pflexx Knee exercisers to anyone with knee problems.

Errol Hornstein, Glasgow

My girlfriend Cathy broke her leg in 2 places just below the knee whilst bungee jumping in Peru. She has lots of screws and plates in her knee & leg and experiences a lot of pain whilst exercising and has been advised not to ski. Since receiving the Kneepflexx from Pflexx Sports her fitness regime has completely changed she can now walk run and cycle further than she could before. She wears the Kneepflexx Muscle Activator at all times whilst exercising and feels confident that she can try skiing this year. The Kneepflexx is a revolution and has changed her life. Thank you so much, we would recommend the Kneepflexx to anyone with any kind of knee problems. (October 2013)

Noel & Cathy - UK

Your product looks absolutely amazing and is just what I need after quite a bad knee injury on February 2012 in Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails. My knee has healed but still a bit iffy. Before the smash I was one of the top elites in Ireland and also been all Ireland champ had my bikes sponsored then after I wrecked the knee and it was 9 months off work and 3 months off the bike. I know allot of riders need this product. It's hard to know what level if resistance I would need as I had full muscle wastage in the right leg which was my strong leg. But I would be quite strong I think maybe the r4 maybe be a bit much?? (Before the Kneepflexx) Thanks for getting the KneePflexx out to me. Amazing job! I must say it is quite the bit of kit. I would usually feel pain after riding. But for the first time no pain during or after. It is quite comfortable while riding the bike I didn't really notice it with the knee pad over it. I was using it in the gym last night but not for squatting (that's Thursday) so will be interesting to see how that goes. I went to the gym I definitely find it to do what it’s supposed to and some more!! I was squatting last night only went to 100 kilo for 12 reps and it was helping me get back up as in it was making more muscle work and again no pain. I will keep you informed on how it’s going.

Kyle Nelson, Northern Ireland

I am very impressed by this product. I have used it for only a week and already my right knee is starting to get better and recovering fast. Thank you Pflexx!

Pieter Hulleman - Oslo, Norway

I suffered a knee injury in September 2012, I had torn my ACL , damaged my meniscus and MCL. The injury happened during a contest in Bristol which I was competing in, I had been trying a trick called a "nollie cab" it involved a 360 degrees spin from a height. I landed on my board wrong and seriously injured my knee, leaving me unable to skate for the foreseeable future. After having surgery I was contacted by the guys at Pflexx and we spoke about their product. A few days later the Knee Pflexx arrived. I've since been doing my knee physio and riding my bike to rebuild the muscles and I've noticed that the rate at which muscle strength and tone returns is astounding. It has reduced my recovery time dramatically and I am now able to start pushing on my skateboard 3 months before I had planned. The muscle activator not only offers a speedy recovery, it also offers me the peace of mind that every movement I make puts me closer towards the end goal. Without the help of the Knee Pflexx recovery time would be at least double for me. It is worth it's weight in gold! (From Facebook 9 August at 12:04) 'Conhuir is a professional skateboarder.'

Conhuir Lynn - Belfast, Northern Ireland

I received the Kneepflexx to try out after I had my Kinespring operation. The operation takes a long time to recover from and I was unable to use the Kneepflexx afterwards, due to the exterior swelling on the inside of the knee. As a result of this I put it in a drawer and "forgotten about it". I have been keeping up with the gym work but only recently decided to attempt playing squash again, at which point I found the Kneepflexx and gave it a go. I have to say the stability that it gives to my knee is excellent and now, does NOT aggravate the kinespring at all. I have also tried it whilst cycling which seems to be beneficial. I will continue using it and see how far I get with the rehabilitation process and will keep you updated.

David Trickett - UK

At no time did I ever overheat and I found that property of the Knee Pflexx very comfortable. I did feel well supported by them and they appeared to give me more strength in my legs as I managed to cycle up hills that would have beat me in the past. I had no aches and pains as I normally have after I do this level of mileage.

J Allan - West Lothian

I became aware of the Pflexx Muscle Activator after having undergone six months of physiotherapy treatment following a bad knee injury caused by a bad rugby tackle and seeing very little improvement to the knee muscles. Within a couple of months of wearing the Knee Pflexx, I was back playing fully competitive rugby to a good level and having no issues with my problem knee and after four months, wearing my Knee Pflexx Muscle Activator had become second nature, whether I’m the gym, out jogging or just doing routine exercises in my house. I can very happily attest that I have and carry on noticing and feeling great progress with my knee.

Jamie - UK

Just want to say a big 'thank you' to Tricia Russell for introducing me to the Knee Phlexx, my Dad through injuries he suffered years ago, has always had terrible pain, sometimes insufferable, and it has worsened over the years. Tried various supports over the years but found no real relief. Noticed the literature in Mournefitness Warrenpoint and decided to try out the support. The result is that it is the best relief he has had in years. Anyone with sports injuries should invest in this product. Highly recommend it — feeling awesome. 'From Facebook page on 19 June at 23:00'

Úna Campbell - Co. Down N.I.

I'm really impressed with Pflexx ... The Knee Pflexx has done everything it said it would do really happy it has been working amazing. Thank you for making such amazing product !

Jake - UK

"As far as I am concerned the KneePflexx is great. It has helped me a lot while recovering from a torn cruciate ligament while skiing. I can feel the difference between wearing it or not when working (I am a massage therapist working on low tables, hence a lot of flexion of the legs!!!). At first I was worried a little as I could feel the muscles in my thighs cramping a bit and I would get some serious cramping at night in my calves in the first couple of days. However, my knee itself was feeling great and not aching. The cramping eventually subsided and now it just feel more normal to wear it rather than not wearing it. I tend to have it on most of the time as long as I am active, even simply going out shopping as I found out that I had a tendency to twist my knee when I didn’t have it on. I believe it has helped strengthen the muscles to stabilize my knee much faster than with just physio and it is still great to wear it while working as I can feel how much more my muscles are working!! I think it’s an absolutely fab product and it has allowed me to get back to work much faster than the standard braces which actually were hurting me. I have showed it and recommended it to all of my massage and sport therapist friends. Could you develop something similar for elbows and ankles? Please?" 'From Facebook page on 28th May at 17:23'

Nathalie Scullard - UK

As a member of the "Special Forces" I suffered a bad parachuting accident injuring my right knee which necessitated the removal of my medial & lateral cartilages, my medial, lateral & cruciate ligaments were also badly torn & I was subsequently medically discharged from the Army. Over the years the condition of my knee deteriorated, Osteoarthritis set in & latterly I found it extremely difficult to even walk up & down stairs. I was in constant pain & could not play 18 holes of Golf ( my hobby) without taking 4 strong painkillers. N.H.S. physiotherapy for c. 6 months actually exacerbated the problem. On the advice of a friend I purchased a Pflexx Muscle Activator. Within 8 weeks of wearing it for general exercise, walking & Golf, there was a noticeable improvement in both muscle tone & strength around my knee & I was able to dispense with the pain killers prior to playing Golf. Without hesitation I would recommend anyone with knee problems such as mine to use the Pflexx Muscle Activator.

T. McGarrigle - Northumberland

Having a compound fracture of the left ankle which leaves no flexibility in my left leg I have no way of strengthening my muscle. My friend recommended the Kneepflexx to strengthen the muscle when cycling as I cycle every day and even my holidays involve around a cycling trip. After using the Kneepflexx for the past 3 months I have found that my muscle has got stronger. I am also more confident while cycling on a long trip. I wear the Kneepflexx all the time including the gym and spinning. I would recommend the Kneepflexx to anyone who wants to build up the muscle in their knee area.

Kate, UK

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Pflexx Muscle Activator. I was lucky enough to try one at ISPO after having both my MCL and PCL re-built 7 months ago. The immediate improvement in knee strength blew my mind and gave me more confidence to try activities I have not participated in for over 12 months. If you have knee issues, then you have to try this!

Geordie MSD - UK

My trainer got me a Pflexx Knee Exerciser and it has help me so much, great product, great quality.

Sam Milnes - Rhode Island USA - Ice Hockey Player

Please excuse my poor English, I am from Austria. I only want to tell you that your product Kneepflexx was healing all my problems with my knee. I am 60 years old and was running daily for one hour, some weeks ago I got problems with my knee, all therapies were in vain, I got plenty of medicine and injections. Your product healed my discomforts within five !!! days. Thank you - and good luck for your business kind regards Monika

Monika Pertmayr, Austria

I have been using the Pflexx Knee Exerciser for over 4 months after my Total Knee Replacement and found it a fabulous help in my recuperation.

Neil Green - Total Knee Replacement