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How is the PFLEXX Knee Exerciser Different?

It is the new generation of Knee Support designed to get people back to fitness much quicker. Revolutionary but simple in its thinking, leading lights in the support industry are now asking “Why didn’t I think of that!”

The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser is a product that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, or used in training programmes to strengthen the target muscle groups around the joint or to complement the physiotherapists’ programme. The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser can be worn anytime in normal day to day activities or when exercising. 

So how is it different from the usual Knee Support?  It has built in resistance in the Knee Sleeve which does not just support but strengthens and builds the muscles around the Knee as you wear it. Experts now agree that the best way to get to full fitness is to exercise - the Knee Exerciser allows you do this without spending hours in the gym doing leg curls. In this busy digital age the designer of the PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser recognises that we all like to multi task - so too when we are recovering from an injury. If you have to wear a knee sleeve it makes sense to wear one that actually does something.  The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser offers a solution for the busy consumer by giving them a product that actually builds and strengthens the muscles around the Knee as you wear it.