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What Is A Pflexx Knee Exerciser?

The PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for Physiotherapy exercise, General fitness and Sports Performance improvement.
They may look like a knee support… But they do so much more!
They are different from anything currently on the market as unlike existing supports they are actually increasing the muscle activation around the joints as you move.
Wearing a PFLEXX® Knee Exerciser maximises recovery time and training results. The resistance technology ensures you are always working and boosting strength and power in the muscle areas around the joint. This helps the individual in becoming support free and returning to an active lifestyle faster and will also improve general fitness levels and sports performance.

The PFLEXX® range of products is based on patented bio-mechanical resistance technology.

Resistance to joint movement when wearing for example the Knee PFLEXX creates increase in muscle activation. It is University tested and the findings illustrate up to 30 % increase in muscle activation when walking and up to 400% when running. (Newcastle University)

The University of Ulster Sports Academy tested the Knee PFLEXX and reported: 

“All participants reported a definite increased resistance during knee flexion movements when walking and running. Most of the resistance was reported during the mid-ranges of knee flexion (between 30 and 70 degrees)."

The technology incorporates biomechanical resistance fitted either side of the joints which work naturally against physical movement and strengthens the adjacent muscle groups.

When Would I Wear A PFLEXX Knee Exerciser?

The PFLEXX Knee Exerciser has been developed to be used under the supervision of a physiotherapist as an exercise aid in pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.  In prehabilitation prior to replacement surgery on the knee, and when recommended by both the orthopaedic surgeon and the physiotherapist, the PFLEXX Knee Exerciser can be worn on the joint for a period of time to assist in regaining strength and build up muscles in preparation for post- surgery rehabilitation.

When a patient is awaiting replacement surgery the joint can be very painful and difficult to mobilise as the muscles deteriorate. The PFLEXX Knee Exerciser has an easy to wear, firm and comfort fitting, thermo-regulating sleeve providing support where you need it most.

What Muscles Does My Knee Pflexx Knee Exerciser Work?

The Knee PFLEXX operates in isolation on the flexor and extensor muscles around the knee to build strength and power in the quadriceps, calf and hamstrings.

Is There Any Risk of Injury?

The Product is CE marked and can be used in all sports and active leisure pursuits. It is advisable to check with your physiotherapist when recovering from a serious injury.

How Long Before I See Results?

As with any product it depends how long you wear the Knee PFLEXX and over what period. As you wear the Knee PFLEXX it is activating the muscles through general and exercise movement. The more you wear it through activity, the better the benefits and results.