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The Compression KNEE SUPPORT Trainer has PFLEXX Power Springs providing CROSS FIT Resistance Training Action. The Power Springs are fitted either side of the knee joint and work naturally against physical movement to strengthen the knee joint and build muscle in the quad, hamstring, calf and glutes.

The high compression knee sleeve is made from Invista Thermo°Cool® textile which keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot.
The level of compression helps keep the blood flowing and disperses lactic acid, speeding up recovery time reducing tiredness.

A product that can be worn on the move to build muscle as you carry on with your everyday life, used in training programmes to strengthen target muscle groups around the joint, and/or to complement physiotherapy programmes. The KNEE SUPPORT Trainer can be worn anytime: during day-to-day activities or when exercising.

It can be used to:

Strengthen the knee joint prior to surgery.
Help rebuild muscle strength after surgery.
Boost power and strength for sports performance.
Help people suffering from arthritis.

The KNEE SUPPORT Trainer minimises recovery time and maximises training results meaning you can get back to a fitter lifestyle faster. It is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance but limit recovery times. The PFLEXX Power Springs come in various resistance levels making it is suitable for all.

The Compression KNEE SUPPORT Trainer is a revolutionary innovation in wearable exercise products designed and developed for physiotherapy exercise, general fitness and sports performance.


" I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Pflexx Muscle Activator. I was lucky enough to try one at ISPO after having both my MCL and PCL re-built 7 months ago. The immediate improvement in knee strength blew my mind and gave me more confidence to try activities I have not participated in for over 12 months. If you have knee issues, then you have to try this! "

" As a member of the "Special Forces" I suffered a bad parachuting accident injuring my right knee which necessitated the removal of my medial & lateral cartilages, my medial, lateral & cruciate ligaments were also badly torn & I was subsequently medically discharged from the Army. Over the years the condition of my knee deteriorated, Osteoarthritis set in & latterly I found it extremely difficult to even walk up & down stairs. I was in constant pain & could not play 18 holes of Golf ( my hobby) without taking 4 strong painkillers. N.H.S. physiotherapy for c. 6 months actually exacerbated the problem. On the advice of a friend I purchased a Pflexx Muscle Activator. Within 8 weeks of wearing it for general exercise, walking & Golf, there was a noticeable improvement in both muscle tone & strength around my knee & I was able to dispense with the pain killers prior to playing Golf. Without hesitation I would recommend anyone with knee problems such as mine to use the Pflexx Muscle Activator. "

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