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13 August 2015

Pflexxi range from PflexxSports

We here at PFLEXXSPORTS have listened carefully to our customers and will soon be able to offer two ranges of our revolutionary Resistance Trainer that builds and strengthens the muscles around the different joints in the body.

The first of these will be the ELITE range similar to our currents Knee Exerciser with the usual benefits of build in spring resistance, high compression sleeve and thermo regulating yarn.  But now, available for the Knee and Elbow with new interchangeable resistances, in a new more comfortable streamlined design. 

The new PFLEXXI range will also be available for the Knee and Elbow.  It will still have the interchangeable built in resistances but one size will fit all.  As it does not have the high compression sleeve or thermo regulating yarn it will be less expensive and offer customers a choice in what they want to pay. 

The new interchangeable resistances mean that you the customer choose and can take responsibility in personalising your own rehabilitation or training.  You decide which load suits you and as you get stronger then you can increase the load. 

PFLEXXSPORTS will also be introducing a new product to the range for the Elbow.  The new PFLEXXI Elbow Exerciser with its built in resistance will build and strengthen the muscles around the elbow joint like your biceps and triceps.  It will also help to increase flexibility and provide support.  The PFLEXXI Elbow Exerciser will help with your rehabilitation and speed up your recovery time from injuries that cause pain like Tendonitis (tennis elbow), Medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow), Olecranon bursitis which can result from gout or rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, sprains, Arthritis of the elbow and much more. 

The new ranges will be available mid to late Autumn.  Keep up to date by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.