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Snowboarding's Different Riding Styles

28 August 2013

Freestyle, Urban, Half Pipe, Freeriding & Boardercross / Race.......


Basic Skateboard Tricks

15 August 2013

The list of basic skateboard tricks is a little tricky to come up with! What's easy for one skater can be very hard for another!

pflexx bike

top ten tips for mountain bikers & cyclists

30 July 2013

These tips made the top ten because they apply to all riders and bikes whether you are experienced or not, or whether your bike is a heap or cost 10 grand.


Rodrigo's Pflexx Story

25 June 2013

Morath Rodrigo Borrego is a Spanish traithlete who has completed in many demanding trithlons over the years. This is his review of Knee Pflexx (translated into English)

Knee Injuries Muscle Activator

Five reasons why everyone ‘knee-ds’ Pflexx Muscle Activators!

02 April 2013

Pflexx Muscle Activators are not only ideal from those suffering knee injuries or arthritis of the knee, anyone can wear them and here's why they should!


Jamie's Diary - From Bench to Scrum

26 March 2013

How does Pflexx work in action and when will I start to see results? Read this diary written by Jamie, a Post-ACL op, first-time Knee PFLEXX® Muscle Activator user.

Rugby Knee Pain

Injury Woes Rip Ireland's Hopes of 6 Nations Glory to Shreds

18 March 2013

Declan Kidney's injury-stricken side limped into 5th place at the conclusion of this year's 6 Nations tournament with fitness and morale severely lacking among the Irish players

Pflexx Cyberquin

Muscle Activators: Propelling Knee Supports Into The 21st Century

12 March 2013

Introducing the latest innovation in knee support - Muscle Activators! Unlike ordinary knee supports, Muscle Activators improve muscle strength and flexibility to the optimum level

Knee Injury

Anatomy of a Knee - Your Need to Know Guide!

06 March 2013

Ever wonder why you have a knee injury? Pflexx outlines the different bones and muscles that make up a knee, different types of knee injuries and how they happen