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30 June 2012

Pflexx ADVANSA Cool Technology

By Jordan Speer, Editor in Chief of Apparel Technology & Business Insight

UK-based Pflexx has created an innovative sports performance product, Knee PFLEXX, which incorporates ADVANSA Thermo°Cool for treating muscle injuries.

Pflexx has identified a niche in the global sports and active leisure markets for a collection of wearable exercise products which focus on rehabilitation, reconditioning and strengthening of muscles. Acute pains or serious injuries may force a sports enthusiast to resign from his favorite sports activity for a long time: this happened to Les Pape, managing director of Pflexx, who was obliged to stay away from sports for a long and slow recovery period. This was the time when Pflexx was born: exploring the ways to develop a technology that could speed up physical rehabilitation and get injured people back on their feet faster, Les Pape created Knee PFLEXX Muscle Activator, featuring ADVANSA's fiber technology for Duoregulation - ADVANSA Thermo°Cool.

Established in 2011, company Pflexx focuses on the design and manufacturing of physiotherapy exercise and sports performance products, treating muscle injuries. After thorough testing and intensive analysis at every stage of the product development through several teams of analysts, researchers and academics, the highly technical innovation Knee PFLEXX has been introduced recently to the sports injury sector. It is proven that this new device significantly increases the activity of under-developed muscles around the knee – by up to 30 percent when walking and up to 400 percent when running. It uses a patented bio-mechanical muscle activation technology and is targeting professionals in sports. This new technology is designed not only to support the injury but also to improve the overall performance of physiotherapy rehabilitation and recovery from injury and muscle wastage in everyday sports and free time activities.

The textile part of the product is designed with ADVANSA Thermo°Cool for its outstanding Duoregulation properties, adapting to the wearers needs, when feeling too cold or too hot. Thanks to the unique combination of different ADVANSA engineered fiber cross sections, ADVANSA Thermo°Cool provides dual functionality. The fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes helping to conserve energy levels and improve wellness and fitness, while strengthening and reinforcing muscles. Knee PFLEXX Muscle Activator can be worn every day during normal activities and during training to building up the muscles, eliminating any discomfort thanks to its comfortable fit. It is Pflexx's goal to exceed its customer's expectations.

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